Best Corporate Gifts 2020

Are you keen to try out some innovative corporate gifts this year? In that case, it may be a good idea to do some research beforehand to identify companies that specialize in making personalized gifts for employees. For instance, you could consider getting your hands on the latest Coca Cola store coupons that will give you fabulous deals on customized Coca Cola bottle packs for corporate-giving purposes.

Whether its customized gourmet baskets or custom golf tees and balls for your customers and employees or choosing exciting and unique gifts for corporate events, there are a wide range of choices before you. Here are some of the popular ideas when it comes to looking for the best corporate gifts for 2020:

  • Crystal Cardholders: These can make your office desks look attractive and offer great functionality too. You may be able to embed some words on the cardholder to show your appreciation for the gift-recipient, whether it is a loyal customer or a dedicated, hardworking employee.
  • Boardroom Notebook: This notebook comes with a high-end leatherette covering that has a window which gives added visibility to the brand logo.
  • Coffee/Tea blends: These can make for excellent heartwarming corporate gifts because everyone loves a good coffee bend or a delicious sip of Darjeeling tea.  Gourmet tea leaves and coffee beans are always highly appreciated and you are sure to bring a smile on your clients’ faces by gifting them these unique gifts.
  • A gourmet food basket that is filled with organic foods, gluten-free products and vegan options rather than the standard cheese and chocolate filled baskets is going to make a statement.
  • Portable phone charger/charging dock: These gifts are always useful and can be most appealing to people who must work on-the-go most of the time.
  • Calendar: You can always place orders for customized calendars from brands like Etsy and you can be sure that these will stand out from the rest. These companies hire independent artists who can give your calendars an edge because you will not find such designs or images anywhere else.
  • Customized bottles: You can always provide your employees with handy and sturdy water bottles that are leak-proof and visually appealing. Remember to choose a brand that is known for producing high-quality water bottles and then customize these to incorporate your brand logos.
  • Coffee table book: This could be a nice read about your customer/client’s state, city, or personal interests. They can keep this book on their office desks and you may even consider including a personal message inside.
  • Pen stand with a photo frame: This corporate gift idea rarely goes wrong and investing in a high-quality branded pen may show your appreciation for your customers. For instance, a black-and-gold pen may be one of the best corporate gifts for this year.
  • Restaurant gift cards: Who does not like to dine out with their loved ones? Gifting restaurant gift cards can be a great way to show that you care for your customer or employee.

Any of these above-mentioned gift ideas could come of use to you this year when you are planning your annual corporate gifts; to get these done for less prices, you should try to find relevant coupons on Don’tPayAll.

Top Internet Providers in 2020

Are you looking for the best and most reliable internet providers in the market? The search can be easy and complex at the same time because you will try and find the best deals on internet service. In any neighborhood, you will get many choices when it comes to ISPs. While you may be able to avail of the services of the top internet providers in USA, your job is to go through client feedbacks and read third party reviews before you make a decision.

Finding online discount codes can also fetch you amazing discounts on internet services. With Xfinity coupons, for instance, you will get features like reliable high speed web connectivity, advanced security, better streaming, and superior coverage for much discounted rates. Below is a list of the top-notch internet providers in the US today:

  1. Xfinity: Xfinity ranks as one of the leading internet service providers in the US spanning its services across 41 states. Their monthly prices begin from $3.99 and they can provide speeds within the range of 15Mbps and 2Gbps. You can choose from multiple packages depending on your needs and budget. When you are their customer you can also become an Xfinity mobile subscriber. This lets you enjoy unlimited talk, data, and text facilities. There are also affordably priced packages for limited data.
  2. AT&T Internet: This internet service provider has been around in the country for many decades now. It provides 3 types of plans, namely Internet 1000, Internet 300, and Internet 100. So, the speed of data offered by each of these will be different from the others. Any plan offered by AT&T will begin at $49.99 for the first year and customers can enjoy lightning-fast speeds with no extra costs. You can even get plans which offer low speeds for consumers who cannot afford to spend a lot on internet connectivity. It offers fiber services to cater to more than 15.7 million consumers. It is possible to combine your internet plans with AT&T TV, DirecTV, and AT&T wireless services that help you save more.
  3. Verizon: This ISP was one of the first to offer fiber optical internet to homes. The Verizon Fios has launched easy-to-use plans that cost $39.99 a month, $59.99 a month, and $79.99 a month respectively and offer different speeds. You can also enjoy attractive bonus features with these plans like a year’s free offer of Disney Plus. Fios is popular for its superior customer services, high reliability, and great prices. Verizon Internet has rightfully earned itself a position in the list of the best internet provider for gaming.
  4. Charter Spectrum: This provider offers simply a single internet-only package that costs about $49.99 every month. It offers connections with modems, speeds that start from 100 Mbps, and without data caps. You can also avail of a free antivirus program from this provider to keep data well-protected. People who buy Charter Spectrum plans can become subscribers of Spectrum Mobile.

These are some of the best internet service providers currently catering to millions of customers all over the US. When you find relevant promotional coupons on Don’tPayAll, you can enjoy their services for much lower prices.

5 Most Popular WordPress Themes

Do you know there are more than 10,000 WordPress themes present in the market? It’s natural to get confused what to choose. Enter the world of elegant themes! You will be delighted to find wonderful themes that cater to your web needs. And don’t forget to pick the latest Elegant Themes discount code.

Here are 5 most popular themes for WordPress.

  1. Divi: Divi tops the list in popularity thanks to its multi-purpose features and attractiveness. Developed by Elegant Themes, which is one of the world’s renowned WordPress theme stores, the theme features drag & drop builder that helps you create just any kind of layout.

    What’s more? You get 20 pre-made layouts that help you jump-start your project. The Divi Library is the place where you can save your layouts for reuse later. Divi child themes are available too.

    When it comes to high quality WordPress themes, there is hardly a match for Divi.

  2. Ultra: Looking for power and flexibility in themes? Go Ultra. This theme helps you build any kind of website. A single click allows you to import the demo setup. It features different theme settings, menus, content, widgets, and other features. The theme has 15 header/page styles, 6 footer layouts, 6 archive layouts, 6 options for header background, and other features.

    That’s not all. You get 60 pre-made layouts that harbor wonderful features like parallax landing pages and others. You also get bonus add-ons such as pricing table, progress bar, and more.

  3. Beaver Builder: You might wonder why Beaver Builder is mentioned here because it is not actually a theme. It is a page builder plugin for a theme. Yet, its immense popularity makes it deserving enough to get a mention here.

    The builder works with some of the most popular free WordPress themes. It lets you develop your website the way you wish with more freedom to utilize any layout. You can utilize a different layout for a different page, choose your own styles, colors, and content.

  4. Astra: Astra is a customizable theme allowing you to ease the process of creating a website. You can launch a full-fledged site in a single click through its set of demos. Once you import the demo, you are free to customize the website’s look. The theme integrates well with popular page builders like Beaver Builder and more.
  5. Ocean WP: This is an extendable, free theme that lets you develop any kind of website. Get customer header layouts, custom widgets, countless color options, image sliders, and lots of other features that will make the process of building your website fun and easy.

    So, what’s stopping you to choose from some of the best WordPress themes 2020? Give your website building project a kickstart with these outstanding themes designed to make website creation a breeze. Many of the themes are available free of cost. Those that come with price tags are still affordable. Besides, you can always use coupons and vouchers available at the popular website Don’tPayAll.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone System

Small businesses need to have a solid communication system for seamless connection with their partners, vendors, prospects, and customers. When a team is small, it can become overwhelming to handle emails, phone calls, and text messages simultaneously, especially when working remotely. Cloud-based phone system can be a boon for small businesses.

On-site telephone infrastructure is finding a backseat these days. An increasing number of small companies prefer cloud-based communication systems. And why not! Such systems are more cost-effective and offer greater flexibility. Offers like RingCentral coupon code are like icing on the cake.

Here are 5 top benefits of cloud-based communications.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone System, Ring Central

  1. It is Cost Effective: It is but natural for small businesses to look for ways to reduce operational costs. Traditional phone systems demand upfront investment, not mentioning the lock-in period and the regular maintenance expenses. One of the most appreciable cloud telephony features is that it works on the principle of “pay as you go.”Moreover, such a system is hosted in a cloud network. This means no physical hardware. This, in turn, means you save on hardware upgrade and maintenance costs. Most reputable services such as RingCentral provide hosting, maintenance, and upgrading services.
  2. It Needs No IT Team: When you switch to cloud-based system, you remove the need for an on-site infrastructure. You, no longer, need a separate IT team for maintenance of your phone lines. The communication provider takes care of every detail, from hosting the service to maintaining it and upgrading it. This, again, saves you cost, plus the “headache” of maintaining the entire communication system of your team.
  3. It is Portable: When you have a high-speed internet connection, cloud-based communication lets you enjoy complete phone-system functionality at any location. Small and medium companies having teams at various locations can benefit a lot from such a system. For instance, cloud based phone system for call center is a hit.
    Many reputable hosting services offer mobile apps that lets the team members access the communication system through their tablets and smartphones. So, if the team is working remotely, it can beautifully connect with each other – organizing conference calls, exchanging text messages, and managing their phone settings. Teamwork becomes better, efficient, and interesting.
  4. It is Easy to Extend the Communication Network: As your business grows, you can extend your cloud-based communication system easily by adding direct numbers or extensions. Most hosting services offer systems that are configurable from smartphone or computer.
  5. It Gives Businesses a Competitive Edge: No doubt about this! Businesses operate with more efficiency and deliver higher outputs through cloud-based communications. Teams spend lesser time in managing phone lines and more time in carrying out value-based business activities.Free cloud phone system demo is available at reputable providers. This gives you an idea of how the system works and your business can benefit from it. Plans are available at attractive prices. Nowadays, hosting services offer coupons and codes through websites like Don’tPayAll to let their customers enjoy complete package of features at discounted rates. So, are you ready to take your business on the fast track?

Tips to Convert a Small Space of Home into a Gym

Due to the pandemic of COVID – 19, we all are locked inside our homes and cannot step out for even morning workouts. A lot of the gym lovers think that they will lose their regular workout routine which will adversely affect their fitness goals. However, this is not the case. You can easily utilize a small space of your home and convert it into a compact home gym. Many people hesitate in investing money in having a house gym but you don’t need to worry as with the use of the latest Gearbest promo code available at Don’tPayAll you can easily get a good discount on gym gear and equipment.

Few Tips to Convert a Small Space of Home into a Gym

  1. Identify the Machines You Need: It is very important to know what type of exercise you want to doso that you can purchase the right small home gym equipment. There is no point buying those machines that will never be used or require a large amount of space.
    Tips to Convert a Small Space of Home into a Gym.
  2. Large Reflective Mirrors: You can fix large reflective mirrors on your walls, as they will make your small home gym look spacious. During your working out sessions these mirrors will make you feel like you are working out in a professional space and also help you to monitor yourself during the training sessions.
  3. Split Up Your Weights: Another incredible idea to save your space is to consolidate your weight collection. Like if you have numerous similar pairs of weights, then you can eliminate a few ones. You can donate some weights to healthcare centers.
  4. Use Mats to Protect the Floor: If you are short on space, then you should use padded mats. Placing these mats on the floor will protect your wooden floor from cracks and damage caused by heavy dumbbells or weights. Also, you can utilize these mats to perform yoga or stretching exercises. By adding these mats, your small room can look larger.
  5. Storage Bins: Keep your gym essential gear and equipment in an organized manner by using storage bins or cabinets. You can keep your workout towels and supplements in these storage bins.
    Tips to Convert a Small Space of Home into a Gym
  6. Dumbbells Rack: Make a DIY dumbbell wall rack from wood for your small home gym. These racks are useful as you can put your weights as well as dumbbells on them. Avoid open racks, as weights can fall down. Always go for a close and safe home gym rack. You can get a readymade rack at an economical price with Gearbest coupon. Place these racks at corner spaces of your home gym for proper utilization of space.

    You can also place a digital screen at your room gym that you can connect to your gym trainer for online class where he or she can show you how to perform the exercises properly. Visit Don’tPayAll for latest coupons and Deals.


Fashion Tricks that Make You Look Slim-Top 5

Not every woman has an hourglass figure but does that mean that you cannot look elegant and slim? Even without the perfect svelte figure, it is possible to find the right kind of clothes like slimming dresses that will accentuate your curves and make you look appealing without drawing attention to areas where there is unwanted flab.

When you find yourself the latest Shein voucher code, you can choose from a huge range of dresses that make you look thinner. Shein is the one-stop shop for women’s fashion wear and you will be overwhelmed with the choice in trousers, tops, dresses, jackets, loungewear, jumpsuits, and accessories that they have to offer. Besides buying yourself the right kind of clothes, you can use these fashion hacks to look slim and shapely:

Fashion Tricks that Make You Look Slim-Top 5

  • To start with, it may be a good idea to buy shapewear. There are several brands of comfortable shapewear which can give a slimming effect to your body. The trick is to invest in the right one that can spread out your bulges and give a smoothening effect. This could be a pair of boy shorts, full-body pieces, briefs, or camis. These help to pull in the stomach and make your thighs appear slim and toned when you are wearing bodycon dresses or tight-fitting skirts.
  • You can choose to buy a well-fitted suit because this helps to give your body a great well-defined slim shape. The suit can frame your body and when it is properly tailored, it will accentuate all your good features to cast a great impression.
  • Buying clothes having vertical lines always helps because they make you look taller and thinner. However, you need to ensure that the vertical stripes are not bold as that will unnecessarily draw a lot of attention to your bulges.
  • When choosing footwear, you can decide to opt for heels having a low-cut vamp. That will give an elongated look instantly and is especially useful when you wear skirts, dresses and shorts. It is also advisable to go for shoes with about two-and-a-half inch heels because these make your clothes fall better and help you look slimmer and taller. Pumps with thin heels and pointed toes work best.
  • It is a known fact that black is the best color to choose when you want to look slimmer. Using a single bold shade will produce a slimming effect and the best way to go about it is to choose to wear black from head to toe. This also makes your outfit look chic; you can even go for other options like oxblood, green, or navy. Monochrome dressing works best when every silhouette is tailored and crisp and you avoid shades such as beige.

Fashion Tricks that Make You Look Slim-Top 5.

  • High-waist jeans can work just as well because they help to tuck in the unwanted flab and make you look taller and slender. Low-rise pants and trousers are also a go-to outfit when you have to hide an unshapely stomach. Low-rise pants can safely accommodate the middle portion of your body so that the belly does not show over the pants.
  • V-neck shirts are a great choice because they help to produce an optical illusion which is quite impressive and flattering. A V-neck will create an illusion of height; so, it is useful for slimming down any large frame and produces a slimmer-looking neckline that works fabulously when you have a double-chin. So, V-neck t-shirts are great choice for both genders.
  • Use any of these fashion tricks and find the latest coupons on Don’tPayAll to look tall and slim whenever you step outside!

Jessops: One-stop Shop for Photography Tools

Jessops is a digital marketplace for buying cameras, drones, lenses, video accessories, printers, and many other devices. Frank Jessop found this company in 1935. It is a must-visit shopping destination for those who love photography and long for high-quality images.  Use the Jessops coupon to avail substantial savings on the entire purchase.


Products & Services Offered
You will be amazed to see a comprehensive selection of products in different categories like-

  • Cameras – DSLRs, compact cameras, mirrorless cameras, instant cameras, and action cameras
  • Drones – Refurbished drones, accessories, etc.
  • Lenses – Canon EF, FujiFilm G, Nikon 1, Sony E, and many more
  • Video Accessories – Gimbals & stabilizers, tripods, video lighting, and many others
  • Computing Products – Printers, scanners, projectors, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Accessories – Memory cards, photo accessories, batteries, etc.
  • Courses- Workshops, photo & video courses, photography holidays & trips, and many more

Benefits of Shopping from Jessops
There are some amazing benefits that Jessops offers which are irresistible, such as:

  • There is a long list of products from top brands like Canon, Lumix, FujiFilm, Nikon, and many others available on the website.
  • Price match promise: Jessops immediately reduces its prices if an identical product is available at other websites at lower prices. For price matching, you can call on 0344 800 4444 or email at
  • Jessops care and protect policy offers accidental damage protection on products costing over £30.
  • Different payment options like PayPal, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa, American Express are available.
  • Flexible financing options are available such as interest free finance, buy now pay later (spread the cost at 19.9% representative APR) and spread the cost (spread the cost over 24,36 or 48 monthly payments with 15.90% representative APR).
  • You can place the order online and collect it from your nearest Jessops store.

Don’tPayAll: A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
understands that visiting each store and browsing through all the products to find the best deal can be a difficult task. It collects the coupons from the shopping sites and prepares a list of them. Go through the description of the offers and select the one that suits you the most. Click the coupon and you’ll be redirected to the offer’s page. Then, apply the coupon and get instant discount on your purchase.

ATS Euromaster: Make Your Car Happy

ATS Euromaster provides you with everything that is needed to get your car back on road in great condition. This company has more than 50 years of experience in offering car parts and services in around 14 countries. It offers top branded tires. Get the help from highly-skilled technicians who can provide you reliable advice and great vehicle service at competitive prices.

High-Quality Car Parts and Services:
ATS Euromaster offers everything right from MOT test booking, vehicle servicing and air conditioning to wheel alignment and brakes. Both customers and businesses can take benefit of their services. Leading tire brands like Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, and many others can be purchased at less prices using ATS Euromaster coupon from its range of stock clearance tires. The company also gives you guarantee on products that applies to only tires, exhaust parts & systems, shock absorbers, batteries, and brake parts.

ATSEuromaster_R_publicWhy Choose ATS Euromaster?
• Hourly appointments are available for car service or MOT test booking.
• Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or high-quality parts are used in servicing.
• It accepts payment from different methods like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and PayPal.
• Provides solutions for cars, truck, van, agricultural automobiles, construction & earth-mover vehicles.
• If your vehicle suffers from tire related breakdown, then ATS Euromaster reaches you in just around 90 minutes.
• You can find the nearest center by entering your postcode or city on the website.
• This car service provider works with Envirowise to manage and reduce the impact caused by the work on the environment.
• Car servicing is a budget-friendly affair at this website. It provides you bank holiday   offers, apprentice discount, 10% off on Monday appointments, tire clearance events, price match protection, student & graduate discount, and many other promotional deals.

Don’tPayAll: How It Helps You?
Impeccable coupon website Don’tPayAll is helpful for budget-friendly shopping. The team here carefully collects all the best ATS Euromaster coupons from every nook and corner of the website and brings them together at a single place. It redirects you to the accurate landing page which makes online shopping much easier. Don’t forget to copy the coupon code from Don’tPayAll and paste it at the time of payment to avail the benefit of the discount.

Top 5 Courses on Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus having taken the world hostage, people all over the globe have been forced to stay at home and practice social distancing. During this time, it is important to read up as much as you can about this deadly virus that has brought even the most developed countries on their knees, and look for ways to prepare yourself from its ill-effects.

Some companies like Udemy have started online courses on Coronavirus to teach you ways to tackle your businesses and employees. To avail of these courses online you can look for an Udemy discount code.

Here are some of the top Coronavirus courses being offered on the Internet:

  1. 2019 Novel coronavirus and COVID-19 Disease: It is one of the most recommended courses online with the WHO having recently declared this outbreak as a global pandemic. Everyone wants to know ways to protect themselves and their loved ones from the throes of this virus. The best way to do so is to avoid switching on a panic button and instead educate oneself about the infection. When you enroll for this course you will find all the information your need about what causes the infection, source this virus, what its symptoms are and how its spreads, and what you can do for self-protection. To be eligible for this course you do not need to have any educational background in particular; only a handful of lectures demand a prior knowledge of biology.
    Top 5 Courses on Coronavirus 2
  2. Death Rate & Prevention of Coronavirus Explained: This course seeks to tell you the facts about the Coronavirus and not the rumors. So, you get to know how you can get infected, history about the virus, symptoms to watch for, epidemiology numbers, death demographics, transmission prevention, airdrop vs. droplet precaution, social distancing, and spread of the virus. You can also learn what to do during this pandemic, the complications that may arise, and what you can stock up on at this time. The course is meant for people keen to protect their families from this deadly virus and deepen their medical knowledge.
  3. Coronavirus COVID-19 Toolkit for Nonprofits and Ministries: It is meant for training leaders in non-profit organizations, NGOs, and ministries on ways to respond to this pandemic effectively. It covers content like ways to maintain relationships in a remote work environment, resources for ministries still catering to clients, COVID-19 tools for the ministries, COVID-19 fundraising toolkit and resources for churches. This course is designed primarily for leaders of community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, non-profit colleges and schools, and church leaders.
  4. The Coronavirus Survival Guide: This is for combating misinformation about the coronavirus. With its outbreak, places are shutting down and a lot of news going around is not authentic and meant to trigger panic. This course has actual data for the confirmed cases and speaks of general common sense steps one can take. You can access reliable dashboards for the virus outbreak, general common sense tips, various open-source projects related to this virus, etc.Top 5 Courses on Coronavirus 1
  5. Coronavirus Guidance for Businesses and Employers: This is for educating employees about the virus, and preparing the workplace in case of a possible outbreak. It includes an introduction about the Coronavirus, recommended strategies for employers, planning considerations, key considerations for making Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan etc. This is meant for business owners, health employees, influential managers of big corporate, general managers, etc.

    So, stay informed and help yourself and others by enrolling for these afore-mentioned courses by getting the latest Udemy coupon from Don’tPayAll.

Best Ideas for Unique Travel Experiences

Traveling makes everyone feel happier, wealthier and healthier. While traveling you get a chance to explore new places, meet new people and get engaged in new activities. It makes you a different person. Traveling is not only restricted to stepping your foot on a landmark, but also enjoying the essence of every place you visit. So, if you are also planning to visit some new exotic travel destinations with your family or friends then don’t forget to get a discount on your hotel bookings with BH Mallorca promo code.

Here are Some of the Incredible and Unique Travel Experiences to Have Once in Your Life

  1. Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia:
    Cappadocia is a gorgeous area in Central Anatolia in Turkey. This place is well known for its exceptional moon-like landscape, underground cities, houses carved in rocks and carved churches. The major tourist spot in Cappadocia is the hot air balloon ride. The ride takes you above the volcanic landscape and delights you with a beautiful sunset.
    Best Ideas for Unique Travel Experiences resize 2
  2. Lanterns release in Yi Peng Festival, Thailand:
    Yi Peng festival in Thailand is a once in a lifetime experience. People who live away from their homes reunite and celebrate this festival with their family. On this occasion, all the houses and streets are decorated and sky lanterns are released. So if you are planning to visit Thailand make sure to book your tickets nearing this festival.
  3. Hot Spring Bath In Blue Lagoon , Iceland:
    I am sure you must have heard about the blue lagoon located in the lava field, Iceland. The geothermal spa here is not less than a dream paradise for travelers and locals. You can visit this place all round the year. To enjoy its real beauty and have a unique hot spring bath experience, the rainy season is the best time.
  4. Northern Lights from Igloo, Finland:
    Northern Lights of Finland are found in the travel bucket list of many people. But viewing Aurora Borealis in a lavish glass igloo, right from the ease of your couch or bed is something to treasure and cherish lifelong.
  5. Penguins in Antarctica’s Emperor Camp:
    Everyone wishes to visit Antarctica once in their entire life. But the real beauties of this place are penguins. You can spend a night in a camp along with many friendly penguins and make your trip to Antarctica a memorable one. To get a discount on your stay and tour you can try your hand on the latest BH Mallorca discount code.
    Best Ideas for Unique Travel Experiences resize 1
  6. Lake Hillier in Australia:
    If you are a beach lover then this place is for you! You must have seen many lakes around the world, but have you seen a pink lake? Yes, I said pink! If not then visit the Hillier Lake in Australia to witness the real beauty of our planet.

    So, what are you wondering? Open your laptop and log in to travel booking sites like,,, BH and more. Select the place where you want to have the best travel experience of your life. Also, visit Don’tPayAll to book your holiday package at a very inexpensive price.